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Research App

Building Your App For You, Quickly & Reliably

What if your longitudinal study could be conducted with an app right on the participant’s phone? We can create an app for your study to record target responses and variables across time. Your participants will be able to download the app and complete the study sessions. We handle longitudinal studies of any level of complexity. Contact us today to discuss your custom research app.

Development Process
  • 1.
    Discussions: Conversations about the app functionality, your needs, as well as study details.
  • 2.
    Proposal: Processes outlined with milestones and deliverables, as well as a risk assessment. A contract is signed.
  • 3.
    App Development: Using tried and tested technological frameworks perfected with Labvanced, our know-how lets us build a reliable app quickly, keeping costs down.
  • 4.
    Deployment: App delivery to App/Play Store and maintenance during data gathering period.
  • 5.
    Optional: Dashboards, participant recruitment, analysis and support, as well as consulting. .
  • 6.
    Data Analysis: We can also help with data analysis and visualization.
Use Cases

Your longitudinal study can be right on the participant’s phone so that you can expand your research:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    App for clinical trials. Identify innovative biomarkers.
  • Healthcare Industry
    Diagnostics / rehabilitation
  • Marketing
    App for studying consumer perceptions across time.
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Online Psychology Experiment Platform

Our first brain child, Labvanced is an online platform that helps researchers conduct experiments online without having to code. The platform offers total experiment control, high temporal and spatial precision, physiological signals, promised security and data safety, ease of implementation, and even webcam-based eye tracking.

Trusted By
  • 500+
  • 7000+
  • 25,000+
    Research projects
  • 1,000,000+
    Collected data sets


UX Tool for Optimizing Websites

How can you know what areas of your website users are paying attention to... or even ignoring? PageGazer is used as a tool to study customer’s behavior based on our innovative webcam-based eyetracking, allowing you to get insights beyond clicks and mouse tracking data for your website.

  • UX
    Powerful for UX testing.
  • EYE
    Best webcam eye-tracking technology on the market.
  • data-driven
    Data-driven and actionable insights delivered to you.


Full experimental control and design.

Can control for and monitor the participants’ environment, engagement, software and hardware. Easily randomize and set up balanced experiments.


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About Us

Our Background

As cognitive scientists with an expertise in IT and programming, we combine our know-how in research and programming to create tools and solutions that other researchers need.

Scicovery was established in 2017 to address a big gap in the market by launching Labvanced, a platform that could combine all the advantages of online research into one single app. A few years later, Labvanced has become known internationally as the all-in-one solution for web-based research where researchers can use a graphical interface to design the most professional and complex online studies while having advanced technologies at their fingertips like webcam-based eye tracking.

We have taken the technological know-how that we used to create Labvanced and repackaged it to build other offerings (PageGazer and Research App Development) to address other needs in the market relating to online studies.

Scicovery Founders
Dr. rer. nat. Caspar Goeke


Caspar completed his PhD in Cognitive Science with a major focus on human navigation and methological innovation in the field of online experiments. His areas of expertise comprise of cognitive psychology, experimental design, statistics and data analysis. At Scicovery, Caspar is responsible for front-end development, project management, customer relations, and personnel.

[email protected]
Dr. rer. nat. Holger Finger


Holger studied Physics (BSc) and Neural Systems and Computations (MSc) both at the ETH Zurich. He obtained a doctorate in natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) at the University of Osnabrück. He is an expert in computer simulations,neural modeling and machine learning with a focus on deep learning. At PageGazer, he is the software architect supervising the technical development.

[email protected]

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